Angelina, Age 12, 5/3/22 , Ukraine - Yesterday & Today

Our Aim

Can we unite & stop the wars? I have no idea how we will achieve this – but we can start  by sharing messages of peace, love & hope – letting the people of Ukraine know we care and they are not forgotten. 

You can add your drawings, letters, messages of love, peace & hope here , they will then be published on  The Wall 0f Hope – as a sign to show we are committed to change. Through creativity & connection & collaboration we will make change. 

I feel ashamed that it has taken this tragic war for me to stand up and take notice. To wake up. Until yesterday I did not even know the number of different wars currently being fought in the world. Although The Wall Of Hope was launched as a personal response to the War in Ukraine – its symbolises hope for collaborative change. You can read about the inspiration for The Wall Of Hope here

Let’s unite as humans & global citizens first to push for  change. Post your message on The Wall Of Hope . Together we are stronger. 

Best Wishes Yasmin 


Share Your Message Of Love & Hope

Step 1

Draw a picture, write a short story, painting, photo  ….. anything creative that shares your  message of love & hope & peace. 

Step 2

Upload your  message of hope & love  to The Wall of Hope – where it can be seen & shared across  the world. We accept jpeg, png, pdfs & links to You tube & Vimeo

Step 3

Share The Wall Of Hope with friends & family. Spread the message of Peace, Love & Hope – it’s only the start of making change. 

The Wall OF Hope

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld of Peace, Love & Hope

Endearingly known as Katy Stone – Katy is the inspiration behind The Wall Of Hope, this message was recorded on 6/3/2022.  Katy is a Trauma  & Creative Counsellor living and working in Ukraine.  She works for Ministry for Holocaust survivors in  Ukraine and for and EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs.    Katy is also a mom and has two sons and a daughter. 

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